Wednesday, September 14

Cycling Savvy Report PLAN

I reported on the classroom session of Cycling Savvy, but it took until now to figure out how I’ll report on the whole body of experience. I plan to report four ways. I will report on each major element, capturing as much as is practical (not practicable). That yields three main reports. The first, already completed, is here. The second will cover the Cycling Savvy Parking Lot Drills, The third covers the Cycling Savvy Road Session.  The fourth element covers various elements related to our Cycling Savvy course and the program in general. The fourth element may be a number of posts. For example, one thing I think could be improved would be to find a way to provide modern reference data to students for their future work. As a second example, I had an opportunity to better appreciate the simple beauty of a Brompton “clear with exposed braze” bike. As a third example, I had a chance to closely examine Dallas driver behavior entirely unrelated to the course, other than I was IN the course at the time. Anyway, the fourth element is sort of a “closure” collection and might drag on for weeks at random intervals.

For additional perspectives on the overall Cycling Savvy, I suggest you visit here (classroom report) or here (bike drills and road report). These are reports Chandra made on his new “iBrompton” blog and I agree with most of his observations. Chandra’s observations, by the way, are more than usually complementary to any I make, because he took Traffic 101 with me, as well as LCI, and we carpooled to the Cycling Savvy course and discussed it on the way there and on the way home.

Why Did I Bring My Road Bike? It's a "Fourth Element" Story
In the Parking Lot Drill, Be Careful About Standing Too Close to that Tree!
Road Drill - That Diagram Looked a LOT More Complicated than the Actual Ride

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