Saturday, November 5

Darkest Morning and First Freeze

Baby, It's Been DARK Outside!

It's Now Cold Enough to Find THESE Gloves!
Yesterday, it became clear that I am not really quite ready for winter. For a few weeks, I've looked forward to today, which marked the latest that dawn will occur in 2011. Now, we will "fall back" and even the very shortest days of December will dawn more than 15 minutes earlier.

Less expected was a freeze that woke me up. Instead of fully preparing, I got up, got ready, and then looked for the colder weather finishing touches. Wool socks and balaclavas (3 to choose from) were all ready and waiting. Ditto for the sweatshirt I wear underneath my cycling jacket. Gloves? Where ARE those durn cold weather cycling gloves? Well, not to belabor the story, other than to note I will search for both pairs this weekend. A simple freeze does not warrant things like mittens. Friday, two pairs of light gloves did the trick but that is an inelegant solution...

Exactly a Year Ago Today, the Trees Were More Colorful Than This Year
Have YOU Seen These Gloves? Me Neither, Though ALL the Other Items are Still Waiting


John Romeo Alpha said...

I had to put on long pants and socks this morning just to go into the kitchen to make coffee. Brrr. I too am now trying to recall where warm stuff is now.

Steve A said...

JRA. I feel your pain!

Trevor said...

All my warm kit is now seeing the light of day again...


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