Friday, November 11

Get Mad

Right now, I'm a little upset. Khalil at Los Alamos bikes has made a good summary post as to what is being foisted upon cyclists with, so far, apparently bipartisan support.

Better yet, go sign here.

Pay attention. Paths are one thing. Blatant discriminatory prohibitions without even any real pretense of safety or latitude for varying situations are another.

At least LAB has started to speak up. However many of the groups that make their money off of cycling infrastructure still do no more than complain they aren't getting their fair shar of yours and my money with not a peep about this provision. I suggest telling THESE groups you do not want them to be accessories to a crime in progress. Other actions? I don't know, I have to think this over. In the meantime, I'm signer 1704.

I may not agree with LAB on everything, but they spoke up early this time. I, for one, intend to watch and see who else joins in and who remains silent. I bike, and I DO vote, and I pay attention to what those that claim a mantle of advocacy do. At least I eschew that label myself.

I am a member of LAB, and am recognized by that group as LCI 3054. I do not now, nor have I ever, belonged to any other cycling or cycling advocacy organization, unless you count informal Internet groups. No statement above should be construed as representing anything other than my personal and private opinion.


cafiend said...

Signed an hour or two ago.

Khal said...

Spot on, Steve. I agree with your politics on this one absolutely.

veesee said...

Yiiiiikes yup signed and shared

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