Tuesday, January 24

Odd Scene From a Bike

Graffito on a wall in Bedford, Texas. Is that a Bomb?
Every once in a while, there's simple stuff along my bike commute route that simply seems - ODD. The graffito in the photo above is one such. Which also brings up the observation that there's a lot of construction going on along my route lately. Actually, other than the wasteful addition of lanes to yet another freeway (the 183 Airport Freeway), mostly, it is demolition. The mud in the photo above used to be a very nice motel. And they recently demolished one of those little tiny Starbucks drivethrough places within a couple of miles. And at least a half dozen other places. One wonders if they plan to grow food crops here as we go past "Peak Oil?" One documentary I recently watched forecasts that gasoline will cost $75/gallon within the next ten years. We shall see, but certainly I'd be surprised if it weren't much higher than at current before then. After all, the Chinese want to be "just like us" and THAT is a LOT of gasoline!


limom said...

When it's $75 here, it'll only be $37.50 where you are.
If that's any consolation.

RANTWICK said...

$75 gas sounds fine to me. Although that is only because as a Canadian my financial resources are nearly limitless.

Odd Graffiti is right up my alley as you know. Yes, it is a bomb of the finest ACME variety

Steve A said...

Rantwick's bomb theory was certainly my first impression. But what would be the POINT of such an image along with the text on the back wall of what used to be a motel before the demolition people got done? I can't imagine much that is less political than a demolished affordable motel. OTOH, the bomb and text SEEM political in some, odd way.

Steve A said...

If gas in Texas hits either $37.50 or $75, fueling our cars is not a concern to me. After all, I last bought gas in 2011. The concern is what that event does to the price of stuff we buy every day. And THAT will hit cyclists as much as it does motorists. At $75 per gallon, it would cost $15000 to drive our motor home back to Washington. It'd be cheaper to abandon ours here and buy another when we go back. Even driving our most economomical car would cost $4000; far cheaper than the collective airfare.

cafiend said...

The airfare would also rise. The petrodollar has been the actual basis of our economy since at least the 1970s. Fuel costs drive everything else. Labor and management both use fuel. Farmers use fuel. The military uses fuel. World War I was fought in part to control supply routes from oil fields in the area of Persia. Civilization as we know it runs on oil. From the 1970s we just let manipulated fuel costs inflate everything else: salaries and wages, supply and transport costs, everything including real estate.

The end isn't going to be pretty.

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