Tuesday, February 21

Comment on Texans?

Graffito, or a Comment on the Intelligence on  the Owners of the Lot Bordering This Wall? This Appeared this Week - in "Pure, Sweet, Bedford, Texas"
One thing I learned while living in California is that graffiti begets MORE graffiti. Apparently, they haven't learned that SOCAL lesson around North Texas. You see, back in January, I posted THIS odd post about some comment that was mysterious to me.

THIS week, another appeared on the same wall to keep the first one company. The owners of this now vacant lot; until recently a motel, haven't caught on to the notion that y'all have to be VIGILANT to keep graffiti from completely taking over otherwise nice and polite walls. It's something that even those in NEW YORK CITY seem to know.

Apparently, an Admonition from January that Has Been Followed-Up...

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