Thursday, April 5

Purse Problems

Purse Stitching is Coming Off - On the Left Side
Since 2009, I have occasionally posted snippets about my purse. Over the years, I have picked up three of them, plus a stylish shoulder bag that I use less than I imagined. I guess I remain, at heart, a weight weenie. Still, I love my purses.

My primary purse, shown above, is getting a bit tired. As you can see, along the left edge, the stitching is coming astray. My personal theory is that one must be cautious when loading these things not to overload the stitches by adding "a couple of more essential items." Far better to simply bite the bullet and use the "shoulder bag." In truth, overloading is the bane of any purse; used by cyclists or motorists of either sex.

My dear wife boosted my morale. When I grilled her about her own purses, she allowed as how a year or two was "about it." Mine has been used daily for about two years now. Unlike hers, mine goes out in the rain, sun, or even an occasional "postal mix."

I think trying to restitch the nylon webbing will be frustrating at best, and probably futile. Duct tape might delay the inevitable, at a real cost to the purse style. I do not imagine Topeak will want to replace it under warranty since it was "lightly" (and I believe that) used before I got it. Any suggestions? Remember that, fundamentally I'm a "ridiculously cheap" engineer. "Buy another" is the default, since the Topeak MTX rear rack system kicks butt on anything else, except the rack clearance is not quite enough to use a Topeak trunk bag in combination with Arkel panniers.

For reference, this is a "Topeak MTX Trunkbag EX." Unlike the one in the link, mine has a handle up on top. I also have the "EXP" version which is less convenient, but will carry more. The really cool aspect of the Topeak is the "slide and click" track that beats anything I have seen from anyone else, including Ortlieb. And yes, while I have never mentioned it before, I HAVE got one Ortlieb item in my inventory.


RANTWICK said...

Duct Tape! All over that thing! Don't be afraid! Duct tape is COOL!

Tracy W said...

Man, that bag looks pristine compared to the pannier I haul back and forth every day. I need to add some duct tape to the duct tape!

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