Tuesday, May 8


Second try at this with the "new" Blogger. My first attempt went "poof!"

With one exception, all the bikes I've ridden have had names. That exception is my road bike. Also known as "the bike with no name."

I've written about my new bike. I indicated it was a Mercier S3X. It's a fixed gear, three speed bike. It is made in Taiwan, with a famous French name. After a bit of consideration, I came up with a name for it, after a short two rides of less than a half mile in total. We shall see if it "sticks," but I think it will.


Madeleine's a rather French name. Not Taiwanese at all. Still, Madeleine is appropriate. You see, Madeleine was a character in Hitchcock's "Vertigo." Played by Kim Novak, Madeleine was what she seemed but not QUITE what she seemed. She was also "Judy." Strangely appropriate for a "French" bike built in Taiwan.

The name is still more appropriate considering that I'm a fan of Jaguar cars and Madeleine drove a Mark VIII Jaguar. An almost identically visually similar Mark IX may be seen below.
Mark IX Jaguar at Mercer Island, Washington Concours. Dan King Observes
Madeleine is a PERFECT name for a bike that is all it seems, but still NOT what it seems. A good Mercier name. As you will see, it IS turning a bit French. In the trailer, watch for the Jaguar right before Madeleine tries to jump into San Francisco Bay, just before the halfway point.


Chandra said...

Dang --- what a car, what a movie and what a nice clip!

Paz :)

John Romeo Alpha said...

Madeleine is also the small cake which is the subject of the inadvertent memory so central to Proust in "À la recherche du temps perdu," which makes it an awesome name for a bicycle.

Ham said...

Can I suggest Marvin ?

Mercy Mercy Me

Plus the double benefit of a paranoid android?

(brain the size of a planet and blogger eats my post. Huh.)

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