Wednesday, June 27

Summer Signs Seen

Season's Greetings, Even Backwards, Seems Different in June Than in December
Sprinklers Somehow Make Things Seem a Bit Cooler
It’s summer now in North Texas. There’s no mistaking it. Chandra claims it is a “hundred billion degrees” out. Personally, I think he’s exaggerating due to having hung out with native Texans for too long. If he keeps this up, we may have to start calling him "Tex Chandra." Still, I’ve been looking around for reminders of cooler times lately. Lighted signs are one such reminder. For some reason, signs made of little lights seem “cool” to me.

Due to ongoing construction on the Airport Freeway; intended to make things nicer for the local motorists, I’ve been taking an alternate route to work. Seen along the route is a lighted sign that is stored that reminds us that cooler seasons exist even in North Texas. The sign says, “Seasons Greetings!” Seen at the end of June, it conveys a slightly different message than in December. Sprinklers actually reinforce the cool message.

Also seen on this route is a lighted sign that reminds us we are in a region where patriotic and religious sentiments are displayed more often than in some other areas.

Say it in Lights!


Chandra said...

I suppose if one likes the hot weather, "Season's Greetings" might be appropriate?

TexChandra :)

John Romeo Alpha said...

Time to switch to the summer embrocation!

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