Tuesday, July 3

Alternative Universe

For a long time, I let comments to posts show immediately, but there appeared the "prove you aren't a robot" dialog. Today, I switched to "moderated," but without (I hope), the irritating captchas. Feedback from my loyal reader is welcome. Doubly welcome if it turns out that the robot nonsense still remains, contrary to my expectations. As usual, I expect the only stuff culled will be the typical product link spam that you all know, if not love.


John Romeo Alpha said...

Of course, there's always Murata Boy, the robot who rides bicycles. Permitted to post here?


Bonk said...

Captcha free, so in this regard a blow has been struck for independence! However, I wonder about your independence. Will you be constanly moderating or shall we expect read yesterdays comments today (or todays comments tomorrow)?

Trevor said...

Hi Steve...I did the same about ten days ago. I have noticed an increase in spam but obviously that's caught by the moderation..


Steve A said...

Murata is entirely welcome here as long as he doesn't pitch Beach Cruiser bikes or other worthy products in a sneaky fashion.

Ian said...

I don't find the Captcha's irritating. I prefer the immediacy of non-moderated comments.

Chandra said...

No robotica!

Paz :)

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