Friday, July 20

Bike Friendly Seattle

Bike Rack - AND Smoking Area at SeaTac Airport
At the beginning of July, I was up in Seattle. While there, I noticed that there is now a bike rack at SeaTac Airport. It's co-located with the only remaining place to smoke at SeaTac. Are they trying to send cyclists a message - or smokers?

All I know is that I'd be a little miffed if I came back to my bike at the SeaTac bike rack, to find a cigarette burn on my saddle or paint. ON THE OTHER HAND, if I were riding to SeaTac and wanted to smoke as I locked up or unlocked my bike, what more could I want? Bike Friendly indeed!


cafiend said...

All your cool urban hipsters smoke, don't they?

Chandra said...

I have had problems with a ashtray next to a bike rack elsewhere. Part of the reason I ride a folder to work.

If you ask me, it sucks. I hate second hand smoke.

Peace :)

Steve A said...

Cycler - life is full of hard choices - leave the heels at home in the downpour or die of pneumonia. Those that pick the former live to cycle in heels another day. Of course, I prefer "sensible" shoes - and cowboy boots, though boots and cargo shorts are mostly amusing to others this time of year in the Texas heat.

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