Tuesday, October 9

Not Yet Rantwick

"The Prince" of King County is JUST Starting to Turn Color
The Young Prince is beginning to turn on October 8. However, the King of King County remains verdant in its majestic splendor (splendour for our Canadian bretheren). Both the trees are Bigleaf Maple.

I decided to take an organized approach to support Rantwick's quest for a tree superior in every way to his own "King of Autumn." So I used the Internet and came up with a list of candidates to watch. Namely Seattle's Heritage trees, and similar ones that have been around since the early pioneers. But they have not turned color. Not even the scarlet oak. Oh, well, perhaps next year.

On the Very Same Street, "The King" has Been a Giant Here for Over 100 Years


cafiend said...

My best candidate has barely started to turn. It's not on any of my regular daily routes so I have to make special trips to check it.

RANTWICK said...

I'm just glad you're watching. My usual tree is this close to being ready. I am visiting almost daily.

Both of the trees pictured have the potential to smoke! Although if other parts of NA see foliage like we've got around London this year, competition will be tough.

Chandra said...

I am glad I see colors from the photos on this blog.
I haven't seen nothin' where I is :(

Peace :)

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