Monday, December 3

Achilles Heel

As Achilles Had His Heel, the P7 Has Velcro

Many times I've extolled the virtues of the mighty P7 headlight I use on my morning commutes. It is brighter than any light I've seen that is twice the price. What's more, it has outlasted any Cateye light I've had. Still, it does have its own weakness; its Achilles Heel.

The P7's battery is its weakness. Well, not the battery, exactly, but the Velcro that is supposed to keep the battery attached to the frame and hence the light. I have now lost this battery three times and have also doubled back to find it three times. There is something to be said for buckles or snaps. A light whose battery falls off while lit is an obvious event. A light whose battery falls off, randomly, while unlit after dawn is more problematic.

Mighty P7 With Battery Attached


Chandra said...

That bites!

How about some industrial strength velcro, if that's an option?
Paz :)

Cycler said...

You could probably add a buckle to the Velcro and pull the Velcro strap through it. Ask at a sewing shop for suggestions.

Tracy W said...

Seems that a hacker like you could make good use of a velcro strip that's easily found at Wally World.

Anonymous said...

Yes velcro isn't the best to secure a battery, my set-up has allowed the battery to fall off. Not good in the dark and in the middle of nowhere. When it happened, I decided to use a zip tie to make sure it stayed in place, but some sort of buckle would be better.

Steve A said...

Cycler's buckle idea is a PERFECT use for an old helmet strap. Cheaper than buying a new piece of Velcro. Quicker to take off the bike than a safety pin.

rlove2bike said...

I use a top tube bag to store my battery. It seems to work well.

Thanks for the post,

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