Thursday, January 31

ABC Choices

Yes, That IS a Bulge. Illustrating the Value of the "A" Part of "ABC Quick Check"
Hmm, my rear tire's had a real SLOW leak for about three weeks now. Each morning, I pump it up from about 60psi to somewhere north of 100. Now, It's developed a "bump bump bump" with each revolution. The symptom isn't getting better.

Looking at it, there's a bit of an "owie" on the tread. Look at the picture carefully and you can see it - a reverse curve that represents a bulge in addition to the gray area that is perhaps coincidentally in the same vicinity. Ironic really, considering that Big Oak just got some new Continental Grand Prix 4 Season tires. THIS is the same tire, and it's only got about 4K miles on it. In the past, if babied, these tires will go nearly 6000. What has German manufacturing come to? Crimeny, these things cost almost half as much as good Jaguar tires!

Well, considering that I've been an "ABC Scofflaw" in the past, I'm considering three options:
  • Change the tire and tube (remember that slow leak) before tomorrow's ride. I do have an older, but still serviceable Conti in hand. Actually, I have two, but the sidewall weaving is coming off on the second tire while the first one is mere tired (no pun intended)
  • Pump up the tires on Frankenbike and simply defer the issue
  • Carry the extra tire along to work tomorrow "just in case" and hope that things will stay stable for one more day (our company will be shut down next week)
  • Carry the tire along and change it at lunch time, cutting the risk of a flat on the trip by some unknown fraction
My loyal reader will bet I take option 3. We shall see. Stay tuned.


John Romeo Alpha said...

Is it possible to stuff a flat tire with snow to ride home on it?

Big Oak said...

An interesting set of options. My standard operating procedure seems to be option 1. I don't really think of the other options until I'm searching around in the saddle pack for a tire boot.

Seeing the big bulge on your tire reminds me of those hoses on tv commercials that expand when you turn the water on and contract when you turn the water off.

I'll bet the bulge isn't as big when the tire pressure is low?

Steve A said...

I picked option 2

Trevor Woodford said...

My choice of the options would have been the same as Big Oak.. option 1...


RANTWICK said...

Option 4 - Ride on it until it fails, carrying no spare tube or air or tire, leaving you stranded and calling for a ride. Then use frankenbike and defer fixing it for weeks. That's more how it would go with me.

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