Thursday, February 7

Even Paradise Isn't Perfect

While it has been nice to visit with old friends once again, and to be reminded of what I like about Southern California, do not form the impression there is no room for improvement. Above is a typical bike lane along Pacific Coast Highway. How did I know this? Looking in the other direction, below, I was informed that the bike lane was at an end.

Infrastructure is not all one might wish. The tile on the public bathroom was nice, but a little maintenance had been deferred in the photo below.

Redondo Beach is pretty good about posting its sidewalk prohibitions, as seen below.

While I didn't see any scofflaw glider pilots, there WERE quite a few sidewalk cyclists and even those that rode while on the crowded pier. At least this guy was riding in the same direction as street traffic.

The last photo mystifies me most of all. Around the parking lot at the original RB library sits this low block wall. I am mystified at to what useful purpose it serves other than to reduce the number of people who walk on the grass.


Ham said...

The cycle facility reminds me of the Warrington Cycle Facility of the Month, which you have probably found before, if not you have a treat

Chandra said...

I have seen some other cities recently, in the South, where there is very little provision for pedestrians. Cycling, on the streets of this huge Southern city, while not impossible and not prohibited by law, didn't look pleasurable. I am reminded of your comment to one of my posts reg. riding on MacArthur. MacArthur is a boon compared to some of what I saw in this particular city.

Enjoy your trip!
Peace :)

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