Saturday, March 9

Lighting Serendipity

I'm Not the ONLY One Who Wanted a Better Light Lens. Anyone Vote for This as Such?
In my post, here, I bemoaned the battery case on my Mighty P7 headlight getting old and tired. A number of good suggestions were received, but the solution turned out serendipitously thanks to a completely unrelated suggestion.

One problem with these headlights is that the beam focus is not as clearly defined as I might like. In an attempt to “fix” things, there is now an aftermarket lens manufactured for these lights. I’m not sure that this lens is for me since it looks like it makes the beam wider, but doesn’t do much for the vertical focus. I’d really be interested to hear if my loyal reader has tried this new lens or has seen one in person.
New, and Truly IMPROVED Case for the P7 Battery - Now in the Steve A Light Group
But I digress. While looking for this lens, I ran across REPLACEMENT BATTERY CASES. For $5 and better features, it hardly seemed worth a “do it myself solution.” And yes, the new case works far better than the original ever did.

The Old, Original P7 Battery Case. Now in Retirement


Jon said...

$5.00? That seems a little too reasonable for a bicycle product!

Steve A said...

That was my thought. And the battery case was actually $4.45! Even tubes run more than that...

cafiend said...

$5 seems too reasonable for almost any widgety bag type product. What group of starving orphans is sewing these?

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