Wednesday, April 10

Go Outside, Shaggy

Chandra, Contemplating Coffee
Shaggy Goes Outside
Last Friday, I made my last commute. It passed without any events of note, much like the 487 bike commutes that preceded it. No close calls. No motorists out for blood. But that is the event of a post not far off in the future. In the meantime, today's post means a lot more. It may represent the last time I see "Shaggy."

Honda Stickers
Hopefully, it will not be the last I see of Chandra, first noted on this blog here. It was nearly four years ago - crimeny, where has the time gone? Since then, there have been many shared experiences. We went to cycling school together - twice. We also went to instructor school together. Besides various rides and other events. For a sampling of them, go here. Greatly neglected in all these events has been Shaggy, the long-suffering dog, and the Honda with the bumper stickers on it.

It seems that Chandra is leaving North Texas, and his last day at work here was the same as my own. I hope we'll have more to do together in the future. Still, it may be the last time I saw Shaggy in all his glory...

Chandra in "High Vis"


Pondero said...

Well, I guess one of the draw-backs of living so far out there in the county, is not spending as much time with you and Chandra as I would have liked.

RANTWICK said...

See? This is why I don't travel or meet anybody I know online in person. Then they might become friends I might, like, miss and stuff.

Justine Valinotti said...

Steve, wherever Chandra goes, I hope he finds someone who's as good a "partner in crime" as you are!

Chandra said...

I hope we all meet again someday.
Take care.
Peace :)

Chandra said...

Thanks for this very nice post.
I will check you out later.
Peace :)

Ham said...

Hope you don't get too miserable without the commute

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