Sunday, June 2

Dropping to Even LOWER Walkability

Current House Ranks Poorly With a "Walkability Score" of 20
I'm reminded of that insurance company commercial in which one of the actors claims "You can't put it on the internet if it isn't true." Shortly thereafter, the same actor walked off with her new boyfriend - a French model.

So too are some of the websites that purport to advise us on how "friendly" various locales are. My current abode, for example, is "car-dependent almost all errands require a car." Well, neglecting bikes, that's not too far off the mark. The closest transit of any kind is seven miles away. The closest store is a Walmart.

However, we spent quite a bit of time considering our next abode and in picking one that would obviate any need to use a car for daily errands. Going to the "walkability site," I was surprised to find it ranking FAR lower than our current house.

If I'm in a rush, the new house is a six minute bike ride from the local grocery and hardware store. The closest bank is another minute beyond. The post office not quite so far. The library and farmer's market will be have that distance. Life is full of tough choices - to keep daily errands close by, it'll be a four mile ride to the community club.

Hence, I'm reminded of the commercial  - "You can't put anything on the Internet that isn't true!"
Anybody Out there Got a "Walkability Score" Less Than 5?

Route to the Store from the New House - AT RUSH HOUR
And Yes, the Local Buses Have  Bike Racks on Them


Pondero said...

I've got a 3. But based on the stuff it used to give me that score, it should be lower. For example, the Bolivar Grocery is really 2 miles away instead of the 0.65 miles it indicated. Oh yeah, that and it is no longer in business.

Instead, I live in a place that people sometimes drive their cars to so they can ride their bikes in someplace besides the city. Funny world.

Khal said...

I suppose it got a low score because that empty, compelling road doesn't have striped bike lanes???

Opus the Poet said...

No that empty road lacks sidewalks or marked shoulders. It was a walkability score, not a bikeability score. And where I live 2 of the 3 restaurants they used to give us such a high (45) score closed several years ago when the "mall" opened up about 2 miles away on the other side of the tollway.

Chandra said...

Good to see you're actively blogging. I just got on the computer after a long break. The rush hour traffic where you're looks too scary :)

My new digs get a walkability score of 26. I have to find some backroads with sidewalks here. Haven't explored the area in its entirety yet.

Peace :)

RANTWICK said...

London Ontario gets a 49 and my neighbourhood gets a 55! Woohoo! I think that is actually too low still. There's a little "village" with everything you need within 10-15 min walking distance...

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