Saturday, August 24

Environmental Influences on Cycling

Someday, It's Gonna be Fall in North Texas Again!
I’m back in lovely, but rather warm, Tarrant County. I notice that I cycle a bit differently in Ocean Shores than I do in Texas. A few items are noted below

No helmet
mostly helmet
No earphones
earphones a lot
Trunk bags and panniers
No raincoat
Good raincoat
Toe clips
Kermit used
voice only
No mirror
mirror, but not real useful
Not AS slow
Ride daily for fun on these roads
Not as fun to ride on these roads
Really really FLAT
Hillier than it used to seem
Browser favorite is the IGA site
Browser favorite is Walmart (our closest store)
Coffee at Fidalgo Bay (next to IGA)
Coffee at home
Workout via car to OSCC via bike route
Workout via bike to 24 Hour via car route

 Does any of this mean anything???
Ocean Shores Elephant


limom said...

I dig topiaries!

John Romeo Alpha said...

Nobody uses Kermit in Texas. Nobody.

Steve A said...

I Did take Kermit up to OS, so JRA may be correct. The lady at the espresso stand likes Kermit very much.

RANTWICK said...

I am so pleased that Kermit no longer channels me, but rather speaks for himself more often.

Chandra said...

Who is the green elephant? Does he/she belong to you in OS?
Paz :)

Steve A said...

The green elephant resides along one of the bike routes that run from my house to the "central business district." I do not know the owner, but it is a pretty cool topiary.

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