Sunday, September 22

Local Observations

Ace Shortly Before the Lawnmowers Come Out
I’ve been back down in the DFW Metroplex for a bit and I’ll have some observations from there pretty soon. However, things being freshly back in Ocean Shores, Washington, some OTHER things stand out. First off, the daily “putting out of the lawn mowers” at the local Ace Hardware. Second, I noticed that not ONLY does the local McDonalds have a real, proper bike rack that even PM Summer would approve of, but they also have a SKATEBOARD rack. I’m not sure what design standards should be for skateboard racks, but people actually use the one at McDonalds. Nearby, they have a sign saying “No Skateboarding.” That, IMO, is a big step up from the Colleyville equivalent that simply says “No Skateboards.” FWIW, I'm not sure WHAT the rings on the skateboard rack are supposed to do other than maybe they provide some sort of locking advantage. I'm not up to speed on proper skateboard locking technique.
Ace as the First Lawnmowers are Brought Out for the Day's Consideration
Skateboard Parking Rack at the Ocean Shores McDonalds
To wrap things up, I thought I’d add a shot of the most direct route from our house to the community club. This “street” is known as “Draconis.” AKA pole line road. Quite bikeable with Frankenbike, though Kermit seems to feel a need to speak out along the way.

Draconis Road - Bike/Ped Shortest Route to the OS Community Club


Pondero said...

I'm always interested in how your new world compares with what was left behind. And I think I like Draconis Road.

Chandra said...

Skateboard Parking - Love it! They may sooner or later need a rollerblade parking facility as well.
Draconis seems like an awesome route, especially if Kermit sings along.
Paz :)

Anonymous said...

I feel drawn to Draconis. Too bad I live so far away.

John Romeo Alpha said...

The rings are a nice add-on to the rack: if our intrepid skateboarder totes a good padlock, they can insert their transport between the loops of the rack, join two rings with their padlock, and secure their transport, since the trucks on the board will deter sideways removal. Seeing that, I wonder if something topologically equivalent couldn't be arranged for bicycle lockups.

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