Monday, October 28

Halloween PROUD!

Halloween is Coming to Ocean Shores
Espresso stands most places seem to have more "personality" than giant coffee chains. I can't say I'm a fan of "double fru fru with a drizzle of sugar something or other at precisely who knows what degrees."

Seen this weekend, Halloween decorations at the coffee stand I frequent while in Ocean Shores. These were a gift to the stand from a frequent customer (not me).

Such a HAPPY Witch!
FWIW, Kermit smiles at the new color scheme of the espresso stand. Until recently, everything was southwestern earth tones (such as in THIS post) specified by the Arizona owner of the property. Reportedly, the owner no longer feels that Arizona colors are required in a Washington State beach town and hence the espresso stand is the first to break out from same.

For the sake of nostalgia and "Four Rats," I also keep looking for excellent fall color. Keeping "Anniebikes" in mind for the best of the bunch that I'm not sure I've found yet. The photo below was taken across the street from my brother in law's house in Everett.

FWIW, Everett was known at various times as "The City of Smokestacks," as the home of contamination from refining silver that came from what is now the ghost town of Monte Cristo, as the site of the "Everett Tire Fire," and as the site of the Everett Massacre. I got married in Everett at Central Lutheran Church (no, Pastor Silas was no relation to my mother-in-law). Yup, there are LOTS of Lutherans in Everett. Lots of Swedes and Norweyans. Lots of lefse and lutefisk as well in season (spelling depends on if you're a Swede or a Norweyan). Ya sure, ya betcha! It's something Stan Boreson often said...

Four Rats Candidate?


John Romeo Alpha said...

Some of those little stands in that part of the state have the best coffee anywhere. They know their grounds there. I got some at a little stand in Seabeck which set the bar very high.

GreenBici said...

Nice to have a coffee shop around.
And, the colors are quite nice too.
How does it compare to Starbucks?

I miss having good coffee.
The Starbucks nearest to my home is not very nice.

Peace :)

Steve A said...

Not only is it better than Starbucks, but Wednesdays are "double stamped." That's two stamps for each beverage, not one per visit as at Starbucks. It also helps that the nearest Starbucks is over 20 miles away and the barista actually heats the cream (on her own initiative) to keep things hotter for the ride home.

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