Wednesday, October 16

Whimsy From a Bike

Yesterday, my route took me once more past the topiary elephant I pointed out here. It prompted me to record that the Ocean Shores vicinity seems to have an unusual amount of yard art and generally "beachy" items. Some purport to be useful, such as the raccoon reflector and mailbox. Never mind that both are really just excuses for whimsy under a thin veneer of utility. Hmm, I guess this is somewhat similar to the way that Kermit on Frankenbike pretends to be a useful "horn."

Some items take a more educational bent such as the pencils and bear below.

Some take an historical perspective, such as the farm implement below.

Remember, Only YOU Can Prevent Forest Fires!
The Lady Told me She Got that Monkey Puzzle Tree Online Since Nobody Local Sells Them
The Cart Repair is a Winter Project so the Driver Can be Reinstated
Don't Ask Me How this Gadget Works
But many are merely fanciful, such as the final items on this post. In this case, that includes the "Texas Star" which is seen on quite a few houses hereabouts, though I haven't seen anyone agitating to join up and add a second star to the Lone Star State. One lady I asked didn't know they ARE Texas stars.
Northwest Texas?
And, of course, Kermit approved! Stay tuned for Kermit's NEXT adventure, entitled "Kermit Goes Salmon!"

Kermit's Garden Cousin?


recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

Yes you see all kinds of stuff from a bike huh? I do like the vintage farm implement though. Love the way old iron rusts and turns that nice burnt orange color. I can't say I've ever seen the subject of yard decorating discussed on a bike blog. It is an "interesting" subject to say the least.

Pondero said...

Nice to see a little more of your new surroundings, and comforting to know folks-is-folks even way out there in the great northwest. Howdy, neighbors!

GreenBici said...

Lots of yard ornaments, eh? How did kermit break his leg?
Peace :)

drummergeek said...

No pink flamingos or gnomes, huh? I guess those are out of style :)

Khal said...


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