Wednesday, November 27

More on Signs

This Sign is on a Four-Lane Street in Hunter Creek that has a Sidewalk Alongside - From Google Streetview
Interesting Contrast. The town of "Hunter Creek Village" has long had a ban on bikes - well, except when it doesn't.

In doing some research for a "soon to come" post on laws affecting cyclists, I noticed that some things have changed there recently at the town borders. Namely a few "regulatory" signs. Oddly, the "Share the Road" sign is on a street that has an adjacent sidewalk while the "prohibited" sign has got nothing but grass adjacent to the roadway.

THIS Sign is on a Different Hunter Creek Four-Lane Street with NO Sidewalk - From Google Streetview
One WONDERS About the Logic Involved
Who SAYS "Share the Road" isn't regulatory? Well, it's simply more MUTCD muddle...

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