Friday, February 28

Park Problems

Park Bike Stand LOOKS Pretty Good!
BEFORE I started migrating up to Ocean Shores, my dear wife bought me a Park bike stand. Bless her heart, as people in Texas say. Oddly, despite my advanced educational status and surplus of free time, I’m unable to figure out how to attach ONE piece to that stand in any functional way. Luckily, the thing seems to work anyways.
How Does THIS Plastic Piece Function?
PS: To my loyal reader: it may simply be a function of myself being an old fart, but I think I prefer my own bikes to have at least ONE functional brake, even if riding in fixie mode…

Madeleine/Judy Get a Little Love in the Park Stand...


everett said...

I've got the same stand and love it. The extra piece is a clip to hold the legs when the stand is folded up. It should be placed somewhere under the lower quick release clamp on the main tube. When you loosen the lower QR and slide the legs up the main tube, you can release the sprung pins in the legs and they will drop down and snap into the clamps for travel. For such a well thought out detail, I rarely use it.

Pondero said...

I was going guess what everett said, but was wondering if the clip was large enough. I guess it is.

Since I converted my Quickbeam to 3-speed blog post forthcoming), I now have a coaster brake in addition to the front and rear cantilevers.

Chandra said...

That's a nice blue.
I still have the Pro-Performance stand I bought 2nd hand for about $40.
It seems sufficient for the maintenance I do.
Georgia is calling you, Steve :)

Peace ;)

Khal said...

I have a Park workstand that has folding legs, but interestingly, it did not come with a plastic gizmo to secure them. Could this piece be for a different workstand?

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

Nice stand Steve. I have a similar Park too. But mine has the bent legs that fold like Khal. A stand makes cleaning and maintenance chores so easy I couldn't live without it. Another great function I've found for the Park stand is to clamp a golf umbrella in it and position over the grill when I'm cooking on a rainy day.

Steve A said...

Looking at my stand again, it may indeed be foldable. I will try it again when my new riding injury heals up (I fell over in the driveway because I couldn't get my foot out of the toe clip).

Khal said...

Heal up well, Steve.

I was once riding in CT with two riding buddies from Stony Brook University, Gil, my graduate advisor and Bill, one of Gil's colleagues. We had ridden a long way in the country and rode back into Bridgeport to catch the ferry back across Long Island Sound. Pulling up to the first red light riding side by side, we all realized too late that our toe straps were securely in place. Like three dominoes, we fell over into each other and clattered onto the asphalt.

Must have been quite the sight for onlookers.

limom said...

one man stationary accident. I feel for you.

Chandra said...

Steve - Hope you are already feeling great.
I almost fell this morning, because the Schlumpf had kicked in, and the gearing was on the lowest setting, on a flat surface.
But, all is well.
Peace :)

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