Wednesday, March 19

Signs of Spring

Light WAS Turning on Just Before 7AM Until DST Appeared
Different places have different clues. In Ocean Shores, a sign is when the residential light-activated lights turn off in the morning. That time gets earlier until DST shows up, after which it isn't a challenge to get past before the light turns off.

Another sign is the reappearance of tourist bikes.

Full Lane Change (and a bit more) to Pass This Bicycle. What Does the "Extreme Right" OS Muni Code Mean Here?
The final and definitive sign is the restart of Ace Hardware Store bringing out of LAWNMOWERS in the morning. Who says Spring is an unmitigated blessing?

Lawnmowers Reappear at Ace


Trevor Woodford said...

I do think that it has finally arrived Steve....

cafiend said...

Six inches of snow last night. More to come. The first day of spring is a technicality here.

Chandra said...

Lovely to see tourists on bikes. Hopefully, it is a good thing in OS.

The clues of Spring I got were:
1) It appeared as though I was going home earlier. It was light out, though the clock showed otherwise.
2) My wife reminded me to change the setting on the timer for the path lighting :)

Peace :)

RANTWICK said...

man, I could go for some of that. Really. -7 C on the ride in this morning.

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