Sunday, August 31

Butts on Bikes

More Butt on the Saddle While in Line for Coffee Would Have Avoided a Wet Rear End!
Perhaps things have a way of evening out. It was just a couple of days ago that I opined on “Citizen Rider” that “butts on bikes” types are rarely cyclists. Yesterday, I realized that perhaps we DO need more “butts on bikes.” At least we need more “butts on saddles” for those cyclists waiting in a line of motorists to get their daily coffee on Labor Day weekend, in the rain, in the Ocean Shores tourist trap. That saddle got real wet during the time I got off the saddle while stopped. Perhaps a rain cape would have avoided the wetness due to time the butt was OFF the saddle.

In addition to more “butts on bikes,” I realized that the flimsy plastic bags grocery stores offer should not be sneered at when you are getting pasta to bring home when the backpack isn’t totally waterproof. What’s more, I developed more appreciation for the benefits of combining “belts and suspenders” in the rain for head protection. More on that later.

Finishing, Richard of “Suburban Assault” opined that it rains harder in North Texas thanin the Pacific Northwest. Perhaps he merely remembers all the LIGHT rain in the Northwest and not the occasional HARD rain. I can testify that it DOES rain hard in the Northwest and not just in North Texas. It just also rains lightly a LOT more so memory might not be totally accurate for someone getting soaked in Texas.

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Chandra said...

Belts and suspenders, eh? Can't wait to read about them.
I am thinking overalls, like Carhartts for winter.

Peace :)

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