Friday, October 24

Progress Toward Bike League Policy

Bike League Progress
In my previous post on Bike League need to establish a formal and public policy towards the periodic and continuing persecution of cyclists and their encounters with the law, HERE, I noted that the League had been silent on the subject of Cherokee Schill in Kentucky. Well, that silence has changed, with a promise that there is more to come.

HERE, a League cyclist recounts his ride with Schill. For my loyal reader, be sure to read the many comments. There are some troll comments and some from people that look to see the worst in the law, or the league. After seeing this post, I knew it was time to update my own.

More recently, the League presented a post on its view of the legal situation, HERE. This newer post, made yesterday, also has a fair number of comments, and, what's more, there is less extremism in most of these. In this second post, there's a promise for "what's next." I haven't seen that one yet. I hope it includes some proper statement about League policy/procedure in addition to what the League intends to do in the Schill case. We shall see. At a minimum, this represents a qualitative improvement over its response in the Reed Bates case, recounted HERE. Perhaps we ARE moving forward.

For those particularly interested in the situation, there's an extensive analysis of Cherokee's dilemma, made by expert cyclists HERE. As might be expected, this last link also has a lot of interesting and mostly well-thought-out comments.

For the typical newspaper story, with typical newspaper story comments, go HERE.


Steve A said...

Progress is sometimes painfully slow. See I guess I'm at least disappointed. Active support can take many forms. I don't think it would have cost LAB money or credibility to see what forms of active support made sense.

Chandra said...

I read the article by Steve.
I am reminded of Chipseal.
I do ride in the streets, sometimes, these days.
But, not as much as I used to in TX.
I will take a look at the rest of the links you have in this post.
Thanks for bringing this to everyone's attention.
Peace :)

Khal said...

I'm pretty disappointed too.

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