Thursday, November 13

Elvis Has Left the Building

Elvis Slept Here
Oklahoma, among other things, is home to the longest stretch of Route 66. Back in the days before air travel became routine and the Interstate Highway System reshaped America, Elvis Presley and his entourage would travel along "the Mother Road" and often stayed at the Tradewinds Inn in Clinton, Oklahoma when traveling from Memphis to the west coast. It was a bit further along the road from where they stopped for dinner.

Elvis Had "The Room With No Number," But it USED to be Room 215
Being "The King," Elvis stayed in what he considered the best room, Room 215. I've heard others in his party slept in Room 216 next door. Over the years, fans have absconded with the room number plate so many times that nowadays, it is simply an unmarked door. The room is still decorated in the way it was back when Elvis still occasionally WAS in the building. Shag carpet and all. The motel has definitely seen better days and is now MORE than a little seedy. Tripadvisor has it rated at 1.5 stars out of 5. Needless to say, we didn't have the inclination to stay there.

Clinton is also notable for having one of the best Route 66 museums.



cafiend said...

It should be on the National Register of Historic Places.

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Nice historical information, Steve.
I am reminded of Blue Moon of Kentucky.

Peace :)

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Nice bit of history, Steve. Thank you.

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