Friday, November 21

Texas Oddities

Sometimes, Texas Oddities Stick to a Texas Theme, as in this Birdhouse
 Occasionally, we need reminders that people like things that are considered whimsical or odd, even in places such as Texas. Earlier, HERE, I noted oddities along my commute route. Separately, HERE, In took note of "yard art" in Ocean Shores. Out this morning, I noticed new and different whimsical items in Colleyville.

VERY Elaborate Windvane!


John Romeo Alpha said...

I'd like to see that thing operating in a stiff breeze. That tail piece spins too, it looks like.

Steve A said...

When the weather clears, I'll see what can show up on video...

RANTWICK said...

Please do that Steve! That wind thing looks freakin' awesome!

Trevor Woodford said...

What a great creation...!!

Chandra said...

We brought our bird feeder from Texas to GA.
It has a star on it, but not as fancy as the boot.
The boot is quite nice.

Peace :)

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