Sunday, December 7

Bike Marketing

No Sign Visible in the Hoquiam Bike Shop
It is odd, but many around bikes are not too savvy about how to market them. Advocates, for example, often use fear as a means to sell people on riding bikes. I think you'll never see a photo in a LAB publication, for example, that doesn't have a cyclist without a helmet and a bike in the same picture. You can also see many fearful videos on Youtube, such as "Death Rides on My Left."

Similarly, bike shops sometimes neglect the basics of marketing, such as a sign outside their premises, or hours of operation being posted. Such is the bike shop in Hoquiam, Washington.

The Shop is "Open," Up Close You Can See the Sign

From the Proper Angle, You Can See it is the "LaVogue Bike Shop"

Fortunately, this bike shop in Hoquiam is not only the nearest one to Ocean Shores, but it is a pretty good one as well. It certainly beats out the local Wally World by a few orders of magnitude, but maybe they'll put up a sign someday that is as glaring as the Tully's Coffee a couple of doors down the street.


cafiend said...

As the only game in town they probably don't feel a lot of pressure to promote themselves. But that is a weirdly blank store front. The windows full of bikes indicate their business. I guess if they're making enough money and have a comfortable volume of business they don't want to mess with equilibrium.

RANTWICK said...

I've often wished some of the somwhat out of the way / nondescript shops I like best would market themselves better; then again perhaps that is part of their appeal. Yep, I think it is part of their appeal. Never mind.

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