Wednesday, January 21

They Still Love Andy in New Orleans

As can be seen, people in New Orleans still have a fondness for Jackson. These wreaths were seen on January 18 in Jackson Square. The inscription on the base; "The Union Must and Shall be Preserved" was added by Union General Benjamin Butler shortly after Butler's Union troops occupied the city early in the Civil War. Butler was a Jacksonian Democrat. Many in New Orleans called him "spoons" for short.

One last photo before we depart Andy. Actually, it doesn't have much to do with Andy other than both statues are on Decatur Street. The statue below is of Joan of Arc. It was a gift of the people of France. Originally, it was gifted in 1958, but New Orleans could not afford the $35,000 to have it erected, so it sat in a warehouse for eight years. Luckily, DeGaulle came to town and got people to raise money and it was finally erected at the Place de France in 1972. BUT WAIT, there's more! Joan became unwanted at her original locale when a big casino went in there, so she was moved her to her current location on Decatur Street a couple of blocks east of the cathedral. The statue is a duplicate of the one in Paris. I do not know if the casino paid for the relocation or not. Certainly, it was moved without DeGaulle's intervention. Presumably, they didn't rename "Place de France" to "Place de Harrah" or "Place de Monte Carlo."


Chandra said...

Nice post on some historical events in NOLA.
And, a good one on the 'Place de Harrah'! Thank goodness they didn't do something like that.
Peace :)

Luis Jackson said...

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