Sunday, November 1

Darkest Morning of the Year

Long Dark Night on Halloween, but it STARTED Late Due to DST
Streaks are Rain Caught by the Flash
Yesterday was the darkest morning of the year. This year, it fell directly on Halloween. You see, thanks to our all-protecting government, Daylight Savings Time has ended later in recent years. Some in other places know DST as “British Summer Time.” Regardless, yesterday, sunrise was around 7:52AM around Ocean Shores, Washington. This morning, in the “Fall Back” mode, it occurred at 6:54AM. Later on, we shall see it occur as early as 7:18AM on December 28th (after the Winter Solstice).
Personally, I wonder how we save energy making the darkest morning of the year in October rather than December, but no one asked me.

Some say that you get an extra hour of sleep when DST ends. IMO, if you’re getting up at dawn, you get to get up an hour earlier. Both statements are demonstrably true.

This morning, I slept in later than usual relative to sunrise, but still rode my bike to the espresso stand earlier than normal. Well, according to official calendar time. Whatever…

Dawn Arrived an Hour Earlier Today!


John Romeo Alpha said...

I know a good bright bike light for those dark mornings.

GreenComotion said...

I like JRA's pitch.
Happy belated Howl-O-ween :)

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