Friday, March 11


In  my post, here, I spoke of Thomas Victor Jones, the last CEO of Northrop Corporation, which later became Northrop Grumman under his successor. Today marked the interment of the "Nancy" shown in that post. I pray she's with her husband once again. While I may not have voted for her husband, both of them DID walk among giants.

Dedication at Moraga Vineyards in Bel Air, California


Khal said...

Indeed. Thanks for posting this. Too many don't know how to separate politics from dignity. I disagreed with Pres. Reagan often enough, but respected him. I'd give anything to have a President and House Speaker today who could disagree, often profoundly, (As The Gipper and Tip O'Neill did) but still meet often and be best friends.

Justine Valinotti said...

Khal--Can you imagne Donald Trump (especially if he becomes President) being friends with anybody?

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