Monday, May 8

Ashamed of Myself

I admit, I've been under more stress than usual lately. Still, that's no excuse for my behavior this morning. I was riding home from the espresso stand, on a narrow, two lane residential street with a posted 25MPH speed limit. I was riding near the middle of the right hand lane, a lane narrow enough that anybody passing would have to change lanes, regardless of my lane position.

I got passed by a silver Mercedes. The passenger felt it necessary to open HIS window and shout "right side bro" as though that might have made some difference coming from a willfully ignorant pssenger already safely past another road user, on a bike. Who knows where the Mercedes was from, but it probably wasn't local. Certainly, I've never seen it before, nor its offensive passenger.

The shame came afterwards, as I shouted back "F)(* you." As if THAT would have made any difference. I guess I'm hoping my wonderful wife recovers shortly, and that things will settle down...


Justine Valinotti said...

Steve--Most of us have done worse things while under less stress. I hope you are taking care of yourself.

cafiend said...

I do my best to keep my cool, but we all slip occasionally. Slipping was my default position for years.

Trevor Woodford said...

Sometimes when under stress 'letting it slip' can act as a bit of a safety valve allowing some of that stress to go.... As Justine say's most of us have done worse.

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