Friday, May 26

Spring Locals and Alien Invaders

Rhododendrons are the Quintessential Pacific Northwest Shrub and Flower

The Pacific Northwest has some of the most beautiful plants to be found anywhere. Besides obvious choices such as the rhododendron at the top of this post, even our evergreens have color not often appreciated or commented on.
Until They Turn Into Cones, Pine Flowers are an Attractive Yellow

These are Past Their Peak, When They'd Almost be Pink

However, we also have alien invaders. As you may see below, the lillies in front of the rhodie are not native. Ubiquitous also are things such as Himalayan Blackberries and Scotch Broom. The Scotch Broom adds a lot of color this time of year, as it grows in recently cleared areas. Blackberries also grow in clearings until local plants reclaim them.

Native and Foreign - Lillies in Front of a Rhododendron

Wild Invader - Flowering Scotch Broom in an Empty Lot.
At Least They don't have Stickers Like Blackberries, but They don't have Fruit, Either
Heck, as noted in my previous post, here, we've even got a few palm trees up here...


cafiend said...

Your title did not make me think of plants. Here in central NH, we're just wrapping up Memorial Day Weekend, when some of our warm weather seasonal residents return, and our first big herd of tourists tramples through, denuding the landscape and defecating as they run.

GreenComotion said...

Nice finds and captures!
Have a Happy Weekend, Steve.
Peace :)

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