Wednesday, August 30

Learning from the Dogs

Our Dog's Blinky Collar Light. A GODSEND to Keep an Eye on a Black Dog Running Around in the Dark
Late last year, we discovered a blinky light that was designed to attach to a dog collar. Since we often play "fetch" with our black Labrador Retriever at night, it was a godsend. While a black dog in the dark is hard to see, a black dog in the dark with a blinking light can't hide from anybody.

The light broke this spring when the battery wore out. I wound up buying 2 new batteries for it, which cost $5 after I used a $5 coupon. Not long after, it fell off our dog's collar, so we got a new one." A few weeks ago, I saw batteries at "Tractor Supply Company" that would fit the light for $5.99. THIS price was for 50 of the batteries. I'd never imagined that new batteries could be had for less than 20 cents each. Live and learn.

Light Display at a "Big Box" Hardware Store

Even MORE recently, I saw that the outfit, "Nite Ize" makes a wider variety of lights. These include ones designed to fit around one's wrist, along with several that work on bikes in various ways. I didn't get one because I saw a "disposable" somewhere in the display, but now I notice that these lights use batteries inexpensively available from Tractor Supply.

Note to self, I must pick up one of these. In "blinky" mode, on the left wrist, it would make an excellent left turn signaller supplement for upcoming dark mornings. I don't think I'd bother getting one for my right wrist since it is rare to need a lighted right turn signal when on a bike. This is a FAR better solution than the more expensive light I considered here. I'll also note that ONE of these covers all you might want to do with hand signals when in the dark, as noted here, unless you feel compelled to stick with the "alternate right turn." Lately, I've seen a bunch of posts suggesting you ought to always point out the direction you want to go - like pointing with your right arm when you want to turn right. I, however, do not recommend you buy a second one of these just to satisfy those posts. Either point with your right arm when in the dark or give the "official" right turn signal. Either way, get a BUNCH of replacement batteries from TSC rather than paying the same price for one at your typical checkout counter.


Trevor Woodford said...

I recently bought a pack of 30 batteries at a 'Poundland' store for...yes you've guessed it (£1) One Pound!!
I was as surprised as you were with your battery purchase... :-)

Steve A said...

Trevor. Sometimes we find gems where we least expect them! OTOH, if we go to such places looking for particular "deals," we are most often disappointed.

GreenComotion said...

Great finds, Steve.
Great price compared to Walgreens or CVS.
Safer dogs - love it!
Have a Happy Weekend!
Peace :)

RANTWICK said...

Nice to see more options in your longtime interest in lighting hands and wrists! I've gone completely over to the point where you are going method. Really, why would I continue to use a hand signal designed for a car window?

Steve A said...

There is ONE really GOOD reason to use your left hand to signal a right turn - that is because of your brakes. I'll do a post on this soon, but as a teaser, I'll note that the right turn signal (with the right arm) is the ONLY signal that does use the right arm, and that you are often slowing down as or immediately after you signal. Of course, none of that matters if you're riding a beach cruiser. Where are the beaches in London, Ontario?

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