Thursday, May 2

Stop with the Video

What Happens When you Import Video into Blogger Via the "Picture" Button

Apparently, Blogger isn't ready for our full multimedia world. Just for jollys, I tried importing a video directly, instead of publishing one on Youtube, and then embedding it. The results may be seen above in a screenshot of the result.

The actual video is shown below.

The video was an attempt to take shots showing how few if any motorists actually stop for stop signs. Such a video requires at least minimal videography skills, so I gave up. Still, even the short clip illustrates how motorists often run stop signs at speeds similar to a cyclist who doesn't even bother to interrupt his/her cadence.



TrevorW­čÜ┤ said...

Not stopping at stop signs seems to be the same the world over.... If I was any good at video I could show you a similar clip......

cafiend said...

Stop means "stop if someone else is at the intersection or if a cop is around."

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