Sunday, June 16

Blogger Experiments

This blog has a pretty simple layout, but is also fairly typical for blogs using Blogger. However, I've been busy working our some different alternatives.

First off, is my "Steve's Back Home Again" blog. This blog covers Ocean Shores and Washington State topics that don't have any bicycle content. Mostly, they involve living in a small town and oddities of local history. If you click on that, you'll note that, besides the obvious difference of a black background, the main blog is in a single column format that is about the right width for printed page purposes. I also got rid of most of the rest of the claptrap that clutters up blogs such as the "search" and the "profile" It also has a "Print this Post" button that allows printing or emailing of individual posts. I got the free version, since I don't expect enough traffic to justify paying to eliminate the fairly unobtrusive ads that appear in the print dialog boxes.

Going a step further is a "North Beach Genealogy" blog. This is oriented towards our local Genealogy Club and strips out as much "computerese" as possible, while attempting to support multiple authors.

A further step is "Averill Happenings." This is mostly a family blog, that includes history stories. Comments are rare on such a blog, and so I facilitated them via a contact form at the bottom. I also included the "Print this Post" feature and stripped out all the various and sundry items that such a blog does not need. One other difference is that the blog only shows whatever the latest post is, with older posts reached via one of the buttons at top which take the reader to various pages. I included a "popular past posts" for the family members that like such stuff.

Will I do any of this in THIS blog? Well, probably, and I'll probably steal some inspiration from my loyal reader. Just don't expect Rantwick-style videos. As previously noted, videos don't seem to work for my posts...

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