Blogs and Site Links

Other Blogs With Bicycles and Viewpoints
Avery Jenkins - a blog by a chiropractor who sometimes adds bike content
Ian Walker's Blog
Dave Moulton's Blog - Worthwhile perspectives from a legendary frame builder
Seattle Bike Blog - Lots of info on Seattle-area cycling facility development
Arizona Bike Law - Bike law with a good cycling perspective from a non-lawyer
Steve Magas Bike Lawyer - Lawyer with a good cycling perspective
Witch on a Bicycle - Daily bicycle accident feed from around the world

Bike Blogs in Hibernation
None of these have been more than occasionally active recently, well, at least not with bike content
Desegregated Cyclist
Ear to the Breeze
Flat Tire - Cycling, photographing, and pottery in Hawaii
London Cyclist - Hibernating UK site still has good tips
Lovely Bicycle! - Velouria in Ireland
Recumbent Conspiracy Theorist
Two Feet Off the Asphalt

Other Sites and Blogs of Interest
Seattle Jaguar Club - Technically, the website of the JDRCNWA, my Jaguar Club in Seattle
Bicycle Belle - Boston bike shop run by a lady who used to blog quite a bit.
Cateye Mileage Log Site - IMO, not as good as tryparkingit, as noted here
Hometown by Handlebar - Excellent view of Fort Worth history
TRYPARKING IT - My choice for logging commute miles around DFW
Metroplexing - Stuff around Dallas history
North Coast News - Events and history around Ocean Shores - currently on hiatus
Tom Scanlon's Blog - Former Editor of Ocean Shores's North Coast News
Wedgwood in Seattle History - About a Seattle neighborhood going back

Bike Articles and Sites I've Found Interesting
NOTE: Some of these are "contrarian," but they all delve into these subjects deeply
Passing Laws - An Atlantic Article discussing if 3 foot passing laws are effective
CPSC Bicycle Reflector Testing - CPSC tests of how motorists see (or not) various bicycle reflectors
Commute Orlando Smart Moves - How to deal with traffic, with links to CyclingSavvy and more
Cycling is Good for the Planet - You've all heard it, but this shows things are maybe not quite so simple. It also factors in the effects of cycling danger!
Cycling Fallacies - mostly, I agree with these, but YOUR mileage may vary

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Fred said...

Thanks for shout out. Very kind and it's appreciated.

It shows a huge willingness to look at other points of view.

We don't always agree, but I do respect your opinions as they are taken from the field rather than an arm chair.


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