Friday, July 17

Commuter Advantage Helps the Big Boy

Heading home along Van Oaks, once again having braved the bollards and bricks where Remington Parkway and Van Oaks intersect, I saw a car at the stop sign at the east end of Van Oaks. I rode on and the car just sat there, as if parked. Usually, one doesn't see cars parked so far from the edge, so I wondered what was up. When I got there, I saw a motorist (actually driver's seat sitter) inside.

As I rode up and stopped, the window shot down and he asked me where was the "other" Van Oaks. I didn't know of any other and he said he wanted the one that went to Remington Parkway. I told him he couldn't get to Remington Parkway due to the bollards.

Out he pulled some map driving directions that looked a lot like the ones below:

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"Hmm," I said, "you can't go that way unless you're walking or riding a bike. You'll have to go on Westcoat." Seeing his confused look (he CLEARLY wasn't from around there), I said, "see here on the map, keep going around to the left and you'll be there before you know it. Follow me and make your first turn when I point the way."

Sometimes, it's not a bad feeling having a car follow on your tail like a giant puppy. I'll bet he wasn't even irritated at the cyclist in front of him, hogging the whole durn lane. After all, unlike Google, I KNOW those bollards are there.

PS: He did honk as he turned left onto Westcoat.


Rantwick said...

A honk of human kindness. Well done!

Doohickie said...

It's good to hear of a positive interaction between cyclist and motorist for a change. Well done!

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