Saturday, July 18

Use More Sunblock!

This time of year, I rarely cycle between 10AM and 4:30PM. Waiting for the TRE this morning, I tried out my new camera. It illustrates just how damaging the sun is to skin, even when it's not at its most intense.

Also shown: classy "Costco Court Classic" Frankenbike cycling togs, and my "Colorado" cycling socks (ski, baby!) that recently reappeared in my drawer after a long absence. Those Court Classics have a surprisingly hefty sole and work well with toe clips. Just the ticket for a quick jaunt down to Sundance Square.

Sigh, looking at this photo, it appears my opportunity become an Italian Supermodel has passed by unrealized...


ChipSeal said...

That does it! I am going to have to post a photo of some part of me now! Perhaps people are wondering how my dog bite is healing?

Rantwick said...

Go for it, ChipSeal. Just promise me that this whole "post pics of your parts" thing will not escalate any further. I would have to burn my computer.

ChipSeal said...

We should all be glad the dog didn't bite my butt!

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