Monday, July 6

MY Concrete Guys

Over at Rantwick, this post was made. As you may note, his artful picture shows three rear wheels. I've got concrete guys on my commute route as well. You may note that their truck has only two* rear wheels.
Without a doubt, my, two* rear wheel guys don't need such warning signs. I have never seen my guys drive other than safely and considerately. I can only wish that the "little motorists" were as professional and considerate towards cyclists. I can tell a Charley's guy - they're pros even when they're driving their pickups to work.

What else can I say, I couldn't resist! Obviously something is causing concrete cycling waves in "the force."

*Actually, they've got tandem axles. There are actually 8 rear wheels. That's still less than Rantwicks, which probably have 10 and maybe even 12.


Rantwick said...

Well, I don't know what those raised wheels in my picture are called, but do they count if they don't normally touch pavement?

In any case, I will happily believe that YOUR concrete guys from Charley's are the best representatives of an already impressively professional bunch of drivers, the "cement truck operator".

Steve A said...

Yes. And yes, though the competition's close and tough, and good far down into the pack...

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