Sunday, July 5

Unreported Southern Cyclist Killer

Cyclists sometimes forget there are dangers out there other than falls or traffic. Dangers that are particularly acute in places where the sun shines - like here. Dangers that are doubly so for cycle commuters. Danger that is largely ignored by the media.

Taking my gloves off this morning at the gym, I noticed a sickly white color all over the back of my hands and running about 1/3 the way down my fingers. My first thought - "you know you've been riding too much when." But it's serious. I'm not sure that cars are the biggest life danger to a serious cyclist. Most of my riding is before 10AM and after 4PM - the UV is not at its worst. But be cautious, my friends. Skiiers know this and they still wind up looking like raccoons.

Sunblock. Add it to the office equipment list...

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ChipSeal said...

As a Melanin lite person, I will receive a sunburn in about half an hour if I don't protect my skin in the summer. Wintertime, I can be exposed for about two hours, but I work at it too- It takes too long to build up the meager but maximum tan I can get if I let it fade away in the winter.

The biggest problem with sunburn for me is the ever growing bald spot on the back of my head. (sigh)

All of my cycling tops are long sleeve for this reason. Sun block for my legs, neck, face and, depending on the gloves I'm wearing, hands.

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