Monday, July 6


Doohickie & ChipSeal are out of luck, Rantwick has scored on the main two. He didn't guess the jurisdiction, but that's only a tiebreaker anyway. Per the rules, shipping isn't included, but I may waive this one if the prize is his heart's desire...

Anyway, click HERE to see the little gem in its wild state. I'm sure you'll agree, this one, though bigger than most, is no enemy to cyclists, particularly in the rain. Any cyclist hitting it has bigger problems than a bent wheel or a simple diversion fall. A more distant view, along with the Cannondale, may be seen HERE.

Crimeny! Almost forgot to milk a good graphic. To see it, click here.


Rantwick said...

I can't... I can't (sniff)... I can't believe I won! Yay me! Contest winning, top 5 making; today has been super. I'm overwhelmed.

As for me heart's desire, it has already been more than satisfied. Give the actual item to Doohickie or Chipseal - perhaps whoever names the jurisdiction first?

Rantwick said...

Milk that graphic dry, man! I love that thing.

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