Friday, July 24

Track this Man DOWN!

Go visit his blog and help him get it fixed so we can make comments on his interesting posts. I don't know his email, so I'll just comment here, on a very small sampling of his posts!
  • Trinity River Trail - I want to hear more about these water bottles. Don't fail to mention how well they stay in and how heavy the durn things are.
  • Celina to Whitesboro - I want to hear more about randonnuering. If cyclocross isn't masochistic enough, I may want a backup for those broiling summer days.
  • To KT Trail and Beyond - Are those bike routes the same ones that PM Summer talks about on occasion at Cycle*Dallas? I recall the ones I've seen being a darker shade of blue, but maybe that's because lots of them still have the cool winged bicycle horse.
    New Additions to the Americano - I see that Wallingford is in New Orleans. Did you go there in person or was this a phone advisory or ? Those fenders look VERY interesting. We want more details, including closeups and if those fussy looking leather items were preventative or curative. Also, don't fail to tell us about that kickstand while you're at it.
  • Tour Dallas 2009 - What happened after April 9 that caused this to be the last item anybody commented on?
And one other question - how is it that Doohickie seems to find gems like this before anybody else, casually mentioning them and sometimes even keeping them hidden from his blog for a while, just to tease us? Mrs Doohickie needs to give him more "honey do" tasks around the house!


Doohickie said...

I've asked him to email me so we don't do all the discussion on the comments on someone else's blog. We'll get him straightened out. I suspect a problem with the template he's using.

It's good to know I'm not the only one who can't comment. We'll get it figured out.

Chandra said...

Gentlemen, I think I have fixed the comment problem. Sorry about the learning curve :)
Steve A and Doohickie, welcome to my blog. Very glad you guys joined it!

Eliot said...

Would there be any interest in a DFW cycling meta-blog that pulls posts from DFW vehicular cyclists? I've done this in the past for my college and it was a big hit to help people find new blogs and such. Thoughts?

Rat Trap Press said...

Thanks for giving us the heads up on the new blog.

Steve A said...

Looks like the "comment constipation" over at:

has been cured. Now go visit and stop commenting about other blogs on this one. Go on, now...

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