Friday, July 10

Warming Up Yesterday, Cooler Today

Even in Celsius, it doesn't sound cool. 103F at DFW - later heard 106 at Alliance. Headwind the whole way home. Cycle Dallas had a poll yesterday. View it here. I thought about it much of the way home tonight. I wasn't thinking about anything the poll was actually about. I was thinking about the shade off to the left side of the photo and how I could justify riding there. The C-D poll today was much better. At least in the morning, shade is not something to sell one's immortal soul for.

Did a Starbucks detour simply for the free, triple-filtered ice water. Lots of other detours to select the shadiest routes. Over two hours to make a ride that normally takes 1 1/2.

Now I recall why my cycle commuting dropped off last year in July and August. TODAY didn't get above 39. Kowabunga! Every commute day is a learning day. TODAY, I got to refine the "shade preferred" route.


Rantwick said...

HOT damn! I love being a Canadian!

ChipSeal said...

Well, a package that was held at the post office for me forced me to do the errand into town at two in the afternoon. A curious but welcome phenomena happend...

... No dogs came out to play! (Or bite!) So just as one of the blessing of winter riding is no flying insects about, days warmer than say, 38, (Have I been following the TDF too closely?) seem to keep the aggressive dogs away too.

Steve A said...

Couple of guys at work had a 4:20 golf tee time. I got to tell them to be sure to keep well hydrated on the front nine. I even think the fight has gone out of all the motorists. One guy, stopped at a light to my right with his window, merely commented "sure is" when I noted that it was a bit warm today.

The headwind seemed a little less intense today.

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