Sunday, August 16

Bicycle Stuff at Wally World

Mostly Wal Mart doesn't have much in the way of bike stuff I want to get. However, I do stop in there from time to time. Ironically, the local Wally World had 27" tires when the LBS didn't. They also stock schraeder valve tubes, which Frankenbike uses. Imagine my surprise when I stopped in the Wal Mart in Lubbock to procure a quick emergency lock, and found them carrying a good quality "OnGuard" Mini U lock for a very reasonable $15. Again, they don't carry this at my LBS, just some kind of "Trek" branded lock that I think is made by Kryptonite - for over $40.


Chandra said...

Good find, Steve! I have to see what my friendly neighborhood Wallyworld carries. I like those On Guard locks. I have a cable lock made by them!
Peace :)

Rantwick said...

That is a good find! I wonder if they're in Canadian stores too? Those mini-Us can be expensive indeed, and are just what I like for using multiple cables/chains.

Steve A said...

According to the Walmart site, the store at 1521 North Cockrell Hill Road in Dallas, and the one in Bedford both have the OnGuard 5501 for $20 (includes lock & cable). Get the 5510, however, if they have both. Cheaper, lighter, and more resistant to prying attack. I'd guess there's a good chance your local store might have both choices if it has either.

According to, Rantwick is out of luck unless he sneaks across the border.

Rat Trap Press said...

I'll be checking our Wal-Mart. I could use one of those u locks.

Steve A said...

If your local Walmart doesn't have the lock, you can get one delivered to your store, at least the one that's on

Steve A said...

OnGuard 5501 is $15 at the Bedford Walmart. They also have some cable OnGuards and a Kryptonite U Lock. Only the 5501 had a combo U lock and cable.

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