Monday, August 17

Old Fashioned Boy

I admit it, I like to shop on eBay for bike stuff. That's where I got the totally impractical (but very lovely) Campagnolo toe clips seen above. I actually used them for a while on my wife's bike. Busted the alloy clips twice before I concluded these were best reserved for a gentler, kinder bike build that has yet to see the light of day. They ARE elegant, even if a bit delicate for daily utility use.

FWIW, I use toe clips on Frankenbike and on my wife's bike. I use SPD pedals on the Road Bike and on Buddy.


Lyle said...

I kinda wanted those. I have a pair of those pedals but with a broken toe clip. I guess you beat me to it.

Steve A said...

After I broke a clip, I found a pair made for the pedals on eBay. That's why I'm still OK after breaking two clips. Keep your eye peeled!

Filigree said...

I love them! Impractical shmactical.

Steve A said...

They're beautiful, which is why I bought them. Second picture added. They would complement your Motobecane very well, but you'd have to be careful not to catch the clips on the ground.

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