Tuesday, August 11

Computer Now Optional

HA. First all-phone post on this blog. Local zebra, shot on the way home. NO recipe comments, please.

POSTSCRIPT (FROM COMPUTER) - It's not easy posting combined text and photos from an iPhone using only free apps, but it is doable. The trick is to use Photobucket for the pictures instead of Picasa.

Just in the nick of time, since Frankenbike and I are going to the lovely destination resort of Lubbock for a few days in the cause of "Abbey's Freshman Orientation." I'm fully aware that a parent hanging around is the LAST thing that a new Red Raider wants, so I figure I'll do a little bike tour of Lubbock while I'm waiting to be called in during the registration "all the classes I want are full" panic. Keep your six guns up! In the meantime, it's off to see Buddy Holly, windmills, and Prairie Dog Town.

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Chandra said...

What a beautiful Zebra! Lovely photo!!

What's in Lubbock? Texas Tech?? My nephew graduated in CS from there. It is supposed to be a fairly decent school.

I have heard Lubbock is very hot in the summer. Stay cool and enjoy the trip.

Peace :)

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