Wednesday, August 12

Frankenbike Gets OFF a Lubbock Road

I took Frankenbike along to visit Texas Tech in Lubbock. Look at the photo and you tell ME why I did a little riding on the sidewalk. Fortunately these "B" items were very localized and did not extend onto campus. Speaking of which, they've got bike lanes all over campus, combined with "Share the Road" signs. What does THAT combo mean? On the other hand, motor traffic ran about 15mph so I just went with the flow, other than telling my daughter I spit on the TTU bike lanes (I think it's the ChipSeal influence).

And yes, I rode very slowly on the sidewalk. On the way back, I just rode north until I saw a road without bricks. I don't like riding on bricks. Come to think of it, they're not fun in a car, either.


Eliot said...

Bike lanes ON campus? Geeze what a waste of money.

Steve A said...

Strangely, on campus is the ONLY place I've seen bike lanes so far. Nobody gave me any static about ignoring them. Certainly I had no trouble keeping up with the motorists. It may just be an attempt to cut down on sidewalk riding which'd be a serious problem on a college campus.

ChipSeal said...

Bricks can be hazardous when wet too.

There can be no way they are inexpensive to build or maintain, so what are the town fathers smoking?

Lyle said...

They're pretty, and they do encourage drivers to slow down.

Just consider yourself lucky you don't live somewhere that still has cobblestone roads.

Steve A said...

Bricks don't seem to bother the fat tire bikes, which is mostly what the students use. You know, stuff like ChipSeal photographed outside Wally World. Speaking of which, the one in Lubbock carries good quality bike locks. I forgot mine and didn't want to trust the "just a minute" lock on campus.

Chandra said...

Columbia-Missouri has some cobblestone streets.

I didn't mind them when I initially moved there, in 1993. My bike was a mountain bike (which someone stole in 2003) and I didn't mind the cobblestone one bit.

I had no car to drive until 1997 aka car-free?
Boy were they a pain in the neck to drive on.

Steve -- the Frankenbike looks pretty nice. Much better than the one I used to ride back in Canada :)

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