Friday, August 14

Yeti, UFO, or Vehicular Cyclist (Cyclaris Vehicularis)?

It's been rumored that vehicular cyclists frequent our streets. They're not as widely reported as Bigfoot (Yeti for those that are serious), UFOs, the Loch Ness Monster, and other phenomena. Like such things, documentation is somewhat skimpy. Witness the following exchange yesterday, while I was in Lubbock. You'll notice the impartiality of the interviewer (yours truly), looking only to obtain quality information. The witness's memory is, as may be seen, not perfect. The event in question took place about 5:45PM, CDT, on Thursday.

............... -Steve A

My oldest daughter believes. Making no judgment here. For your consideration. YOU decide...

(Visit here for more on Yeti, including this drawing)

Erin: "I think i saw a 'Cyclaris Vehicularis.' "
Steve: "Was it following a Yeti?"
Erin: "LOL - No, it was going down the center of his lane on Paige Street, and when it was on Squire Lane, it was still in the middle."
Steve: "Did you get a picture?"
Erin: "I tried, but he was going too fast and the street was too busy."

(Note how this starts to follow "the pattern for such phenomena" - watch most shows about UFOs for "the pattern")

Steve: "Where's "Paige" Street? Don't feel bad, they say the same about UFOs."
Erin: LOL - it is in The Colony - a busy three lane road

(further details omitted in the interest of brevity)

Steve: "Was he squished by the cars like a bug?"
Erin: "LOL - No but he did disappear like a bug."

(more omitted - notice the supernatural disappearance aspect)

Erin: "LOL - Well, I saw what I saw."
Steve: "See, that's what they say about aliens, too! We still love you."

Erin: "Sigh - Fine."

I (the poster) note that I attempted to obtain useful details such as photographic evidence, as well as about whether DNA evidence might be obtained from the crash site, all without luck. As indicated, it was much like a Yeti or UFO sighting. This is further amplified by noting that I briefly THOUGHT I was viewing a "vehicularis" in Lubbock yesterday, only to then realize it was a "Wrong-Way Guy" ("Salmon," to use a ChipSeal vernacular term) who happened to be in the middle of the lane, heading straight toward Frankenbike and me.

SATURDAY UPDATE: It turns out that things are not so one-sided if the search term is "salmon" instead of "vehicular cyclist." See the Google Trend below for proof.


Eliot said...

When I saw the title of this post, I thought for sure you were talking about one of my favorite beers.

Keri said...


I know Steve, it's not a beer blog either.

The post is hilarious.

ChipSeal said...

I laughed out loud when I examined your chart!

From the "Proper Attribution Department", the term Salmon to describe wrong way scofflaw behavior was invented by the author of the blog "BikeSnobNY"

Rantwick said...

Funny post Steve! Every time I've seen a "VC" cyclist, its been a red herring, since after being observed for little while, they break out of it and do something very un-VC. Someday maybe my video will catch a true one in the wild.

If so, I may just hand over the video to Steve A, the topic's foremost authority and researcher.

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